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As a child, I wanted to be a firewoman or work with children. I chose the latter.

I’m an American trained Occupational Therapist  with 20 years paediatric experience.   For the past seven years, I have worked in London and opened my own home clinic in Southfields, SW London.  The benefits of a house practice are that your child will feel comfortable and will learn skills in a natural environment that can be transferred to their daily lives.   At the same time, there is access to specialist equipment such as sensory integration swings and gross motor apparatus.

Treatment sessions are fun and look like play.  Activities used during sessions are intended to address specific goals and skills.   I use a mixture of treatment techniques tailored to your individual child.

Munira by the sea in Malta

Munira Paediatric Occupational Therapist London ot4kids

My advanced certifications are from the U.S. and include:

  • Sensory Integration Certified
  • Accredited Bobath Trained Therapist / Certified Neurodevelopmental Treatment
  • Advanced Baby Treatment
  • Therapeutic Listening provider
  • Integrated Listening Systems
  • Kinesio taping Certified Practitioner

See my CV for further details.

I predominantly see children under eight years of age, including babies and toddlers while older children are treated by my colleagues.  I am a strong proponent of early intervention and have seen first hand with my own son as well as children I treat, how early therapy helps establish strong foundational patterns of movement, improved sensory processing, and increase independence. I’ve been lucky to work with babies from birth to a few weeks old.  See my Testimonials page to read what other parents say.

When I’m not working, you may find me exploring London’s parks and coffee shops with my son, searching for gastronomical adventures, trying to grow a green thumb (Can’t beat fresh herbs and tomatoes!), and banging on my piano (Thanks Neighbours, for not complaining!).

I accept a wide range of referrals from consultants, osteopaths, speech and language therapists, other occupational therapists, and parents directly. If interested in a personalized, high quality service for your child, I’d be happy to discuss how we can help.

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