Holiday Toy Guides

It’s been a while since I’ve been here for a blog post. Now that my little guy is 2 3/4 years :), I’m hoping to pop over a bit more this year. Fingers crossed.

For any of you who are a bit behind with gift ideas for the holidays, I thought I’d share some sites where I’ve also gotten some new ideas for my clinic wish list.  These pages will be useful for other celebrations such as birthdays.

I’m constantly updating my Amazon UK store. Ideas here are broken down by age (babies, toddlers, school age) and by skills (sensory, motor planning, gross or fine motor).  There’s also a books section for parents and other professionals.

I love this page and although it points to a lot of items in the US, many can be found here in the UK too.  It has a top ten list for gross motor, fine motor, and sensory processing.

18 ‘mom approved’ toys by a mum of a child with special needs. Thanks to Parenting Special Needs Magazine for this nice list of toys especially considering children with less motor skills.

2014 Toy Guide by Love That Max written by a mum of a child with special needs:

Another amazing list of ideas written by an OT in NYC:

Fun ideas for kids who need a challenge:

Happy Holidays!