Local Resources

I’d like to share what I’ve learned about programs, services, events, and products in the London area.


BOTERO SPEECH 4 KIDS: Specialising in speech, language, and feeding for infants and children in London.

Oribell Botero is an American Trained Speech Therapist. I have worked with Oribell on several cases and she is dedicated to her patients and families, very knowledgeable and experienced, and a multi-disciplinary team player. I have seen great progress in the children we treat due to her care. Her skills are unique to London because she treats childrens’ oral-motor skills related to feeding as well as language, and is an expert in the development of speech, communication, and feeding for infants and young children.

Website: www.boterospeech4kids.com

Email: oribell@boterospeech4kids.com

Mobile: 0786 170 3626

GWENDOLINA TONER is a speech and language therapist in SW London who specializes in oral-motor skills for feeding as well as speech, language, and communication difficulties.  She has undergone high levels of training with experts from the United States and is always updating her skills via continuing education and professional networks.  Gwen has a passion for working with children who have Down’s syndrome as well as babies.  She has been great to collaborate with for children whom I treat and I highly recommend her.

Email:  gwendolinatoner@hotmail.com

Mobile:  07791856169


Here are some programs in London that support families and children with Down’s Syndrome. Click on their site to learn more about what they offer.

Downright Excellent: www.downrightexcellent.org

downsyndrome OK: http://www.downsyndromeok.org.uk

Providing Support for Children with Down Syndrome & their Families: http://psds.info

Upside of Downs: http://www.upsideofdowns.org.uk

Support for Down’s Syndrome Families – A lovely support group by Sunny, a future Occupational Therapist, and big sister to the inspiring Ben who has Down’s syndrome  https://www.facebook.com/groups/211794698842470/

Future of Downs: www.futureofdowns.com  https://www.facebook.com/groups/futureofdowns/  (An online forum for parents.)



HemiChat – A support group for parents of children who have Hemiplegia.  They also have a very active Facebook group. www.hemichat.org

HemiHelp – Another wonderful group with great resources, groups for children and teens, an informative AGM and nice magazine. www.hemihelp.org.uk

UK Parents Autism Support – An active and supportive Facebook group for parents of children with Autism. https://www.facebook.com/groups/uk.autism.parents/

Facebook group for families of children with Autism in SW London – https://www.facebook.com/groups/454404661275910/

MeToo & Co is a charity in Richmond, Surrey that offers many services for families of children with special needs. http://www.metooandco.org.uk/


Therapeutic Riding  www.rda.org.uk


Richmond Music Trust – Music Therapy has so many benefits including sensory processing, motor skills development, and especially social-emotional skills and creativity.

The Special Yoga Centre – www.specialyoga.org.uk

Disability Snowsport UK – http://www.disabilitysnowsport.org.uk/about

Breaking the Barrier – http://www.lifeworks-uk.org/bbeventdetails.html

Charlotte’s Tandems offer tandem bike hires for anybody with special needs all over the UK – http://charlottestandems.weebly.com/


REMAP create custom-made equipment for individuals with special needs.


Charity that provides small and adaptive clothing to babies born prematurely or with special needs.

Contact A Family have teamed up with Relate to offer free online counselling to families. http://bitly/AsTKVS  www.cafamily.org.uk

IPSEA is a registered charity offering free and independent advice to parents of children with special educational needs in England and Wales.  www.ipsea.org.uk


Caudwell Charitable Trust help provide equipment and therapies for children with special needs who fit their criteria.


CEREBRA helps children who have a brain-related injury.

Merlins Magic Wand – A worldwide charity that enables children with special needs, illnesses and other disadvantages to enjoy major attractions such as Disney to Madame Tassauds. www.merlinsmagicwand.org

Paper Furniture Social Enterprise uses cardboard carpentry to make adaptive chairs and equipment for children with special needs. They are based in Hampshire. Believe it or not but furniture made out of cardboard is not only ‘green’ but incredibly durable. http://www.paperfurnitureenterprise.com/

Sibs – A UK charity representing the needs of siblings of children and adults with special needs.  www.sibs.org.uk

Netbuddy – An online support group for topics related to learning disabilities, autism, and special needs. www.netbuddy.org.uk


Foundation of Paediatric Osteopathy (FPO) – Osteopathy is a wonderful complement to Occupational Therapy Services.  The FPO is an amazing charity that ensures treatment is available to all children regardless of their finances.  They also continue to raise awareness regarding children’s health and have a new facility in Wandsworth.


Osteopathic Centre for Children

22a Point Pleasant

London SW18 1GG

0208 875 5290


CEREBRA has a postal lending library where you can borrow books and sensory toys. They also accept donations of old books on special needs topics.


National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries – Search their website for a toy library close to you.  They have wonderful toys, especially older toys which are no longer as available.


VISION / Hearing

British Association of Behavioural Optometrists:  www.babo.co.uk  (Behavioural optometrists look at more than simply eyesight.  They also look at the function of the eyes, visual tracking, how the eyes focus and work together, and much more.  Most children with visual motor difficulties have 20/20 vision! It’s important to find a good Behavioural Optometrist who will collaborate together with your Occupational therapist. Teamwork is key.)

Through Bookstart, certain books are provided “FREE” to parents and carers of children from 0-4 years with vision or hearing impairments. What a great program!


Living Paintings – an amazing UK charity that offers books with raised pictures and audio for those with visual impairments.  www.livingpaintings.org



South London Slings  is a sling library where you can get expert advice on babywearing, carriers and carrying methods that suit you and your child. I’m sure that Emily will collaborate with therapists regarding positioning and alignment if necessary for children with special needs. Highly recommend. I’ve been with my little one too.


Join Left-Handers Club for monthly newsletters. They also sell great products for left-handed children and adults. E.G. pencil grips, pens, rulers, writing aids, can openers, cooking utensils, and more.

Adventure Playgrounds are such great fun and creative places to incorporate sensory processing and address mtor skills.   You can find one local to you here:


Sensory Smart – A UK source for seamless clothes for children with sensory processing difficulties.  They also have seamless socks for AFO’s and stock both SmartKnitKids and Teres Kids clothing.  www.sensorysmart.co.uk


This site has independent reviews by parents of baby products, many of which are organic and natural.